How to Massively Grow your Business Using LinkedIn!

By CWBF2018 (other events)

Thursday, November 22 2018 2:00 PM 4:30 PM

This complimentary 2.5 hour interactive session will help you to set up your Linked In profile so that it becomes a great tool in your Social Media marketing campaigns. If you've got more than 5 people in your team and you aren't utilising Linked In then you're missing out on literally thousands upon thousands of customers.

It's a hugely powerful platform that enables you to bypass the gatekeeper and talk to decision makers directly in virtually any business around the world.

But like all social media, it has to be used right. Otherwise you'll burn your leads, ruin relationships and end up getting on people's nerves.

In this session we'll cover:
* The right type of profile picture you should be using
* How to get credibility with a strong background picture
* How to get people's attention with your headline
* What to write in your 2000 character summary
* 7 profile tips to make you stand out from the crowd
* The words you shouldn't use in your biography
* How you should write your career history
* Who you should test your Linked In profile on
* How best to use testimonials
* What to put at the end of your profile
* Why white space is important
* What to say when inviting connections
* The worst things to do when connecting with people
* How to cheese someone off and alienate them in 3 seconds on Linked In
* The "Double-Tap" invite principle
* What LSO is and how you can use it
* What you should and shouldn't be posting
* The images you shouldn't be using
* Why articles are a waste of time
* Why you shouldn't include links in your posts
* Who you should be connecting with
* 3 techniques to get people to read and like your posts
* 5 Ways to build your network
* How to get people off Linked In and into a proper conversation
* The differences between Sales Navigator and Premium services
* What a Connection Hub is and how to use it
* Why you should give away valuable information for free
* Focussing on numbers - how it'll drive you crazy
* How to share proof of what you deliver
* Why you should share your successes
* How best to use video

And much more...

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