R&D Tax Reliefs – Are you Missing a Trick?

By CWBF2018 (other events)

Thursday, November 22 2018 11:00 AM 12:00 PM

What do you think of when you hear the words Research and Development (R&D)? Men in white coats? You wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s only a drop in the ocean of what encapsulates R&D, especially when in comes to R&D Tax Reliefs. Currently, only 1% of eligible small businesses are currently taking advantage of the relief and the lack of take up appears to be linked with the lack of available information and knowledge of how to claim.

Join us at our seminar where Neil Allcroft, Senior Tax Manager and R&D specialist at HB&O, will bust the myths related to R&D claims and offer guidance and advice on how to make a successful claim with the aim to increase awareness and thus the uptake of R&D Tax Credits.

The seminar will also include a spotlight on Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR), a relief available specifically to Video Game Development Companies who are responsible for designing, producing and testing video games. VGTR is similar to R&D in not only the tax benefits that it provides but also in the lack of awareness and take up of the scheme. Neil will describe the valuable benefits that VGTR provides as well as the mechanism and rules for submitting claims. R&D and VGTR are Government initiated tax reliefs that are providing significant tax benefits to those who already have an understanding of these schemes so why not join us to find out more about both reliefs and see if we can help you establish if you are also eligible to claim.

There will be an opportunity to ask Neil any questions you may have following the presentation.

Speaker: Neil Allcroft, Senior Tax Manager, Harrison Beale and Owen

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